What is CBD and How Does it Work?

CBD (Cannabidiol), is one of many compounds that are present within the Cannabis plant.
CBD is one of many cannabinoids that represent the genetic makeup/DNA
that can be found in the Cannabis plant!

CBD products are sold in different forms, and vary by each individual application. Cannabidiol is currently not regulated by the FDA, and the industry has no current oversight or regulation standards.

CBD has many applications , including Inhalation (Hemp Flower/ Vape) Sublingual tinctures(Oil taken orally, dissolved under the tongue), Gel- capsules(taken like a pill), and edibles that are infused with CBD (that can be eaten.)
It is our responsibility to evaluate each person, and recommend an application that meets your individual need.

MY journey began with one drop of oil.
This "drop" of oil has helped my family and I exponentially ! It has personally helped me, by reducing my anxiety, regulating my sleep patterns. and mitigating my joint pain.